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Ordinary Day.


What’s in life now a Ordinary day ?
Or is it not Ordinary , but it is necessary for to live.
Every day we live it costs money, our money or that of another.
Of our parents or where it comes from is not important.
But certainly we need money to get through each day.
Everything costs money, food and drink, our stay, Electricity etc.
When we finish to sleep starts the counter already turning for showering.
Then breakfast and go to work and lunchtime lunch is Ordinary.
Every move we make will cost money or we have pay it with money.
We must work, do business or other things for to earn money.
In the afternoon back work after home and eat or dine somewhere else.
But this all costs money , relax after work is Ordinary.
At home watching TV with your family or entertained is Ordinary.
The lights and TV or anything else Electricity consumption is Ordinary.
But it will all cost money and then sleep for the new day tomorrow.
Can we speak of a Ordinary day or we have no other choice ?
For to think all of this is just a Ordinary day.
Since that is the custom of the Ordinary man.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


Ordinary day.