Sometimes we have opportunities in our lifes.
But hesitate to get them.
It is the chance of life.
Yet we dare not take it.
It is given to us.
But scared to take the opportunity.
The business opportunity is given to You without the knowledge.
It stop us directly to achieve our goals.
To Check is impossible because we do not know the way.
The fast learning is more difficult than to reject it.
To Get started is a big step and lesson.
If we reject it directly it  is also a loss.
We see the gains already on the street and that disappear.
And do not know what to do.
Our mistake is when we make the wrong decision.
Because we’ve solely miss the opportunities and money.
To start with little knowledge for Your goal .
Because we can no longer do so again next time.
We seems to lost and upset.
And we can’t start to live for our own life .
Try to learn in life.
And you can use the knowledge what You have learned for all business trades.
The odds will increase and nobody makes a fool of You.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen