The Only Way to Guarantee for Failure is Never Started


We all want to achieve something in life to get the prospect of improvement for a good future.
Wish to increase our opportunities at a better rate and to have a relaxed life without too many concerns about something else.
But it is not an easy task to make a good choice and to get our desired success is the most difficult of all.
Everyone always just think to achieve success and nobody want to be failed after they have begin their quest to the top, because that will be not good for their ego.
When they have most doubt or uncertain, they are so nervous to fail that they getting themselves right on a chock and will not make the first move.
Fear of failure is one of our greatest enemy and weakness in our life, how we can achieve something if we do not dare to start?
We should also not to be overconfident and always think that everything can be excellent once we’ve started, but we have to be careful and be wise with our choice.
Almost all the things we do involve risks in life, so be sensible, because if something is destines for us, it will not wait, but will surely happen.
So if we do not want to overcome our fear of failure to conquer and get success, we better just stay at home and read books about successes example from others who are not afraid to fail and thus get succeeded with their desire.
To stay at home will give us the guarantee of failure, because we will never start anything somewhere.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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