Do not be Overconfidence because There is Always One Mountain Higher than Another


Be civilized, simple and remain polite become difficult for many people especially when it’s all going very well.
Most of us forget that all is relative and may change from time to time, because we are living in the moment.”now”
But by hubris we no longer think about it, because it goes so good that after only can be more better.
Be confident about everything what we do is ok but don’t get over it,  because we are not going to get along any better.
It is not wise if we think we already bigger than the rest, because there is always someone else who is better .
Whichever “too” statements could cause problems in our life, too big, too small or too overconfident etc.
But we also must not be discouraged, because when we’ve done our best, we have nothing to be ashamed of.
And we may quite confident and proud of ourselves for it anyway because we have done it.
But remain humble is something which have a longer shelf-life with a better starting base.
In adversity, we will not loss of face and others are more likely to understand about the situation, if we are modest than that then we are overconfident against  everyone and people will not like us.
When we are overconfident, it will show reversed to others in a bad time, they will be more happy to say “good for that conceit sufferer.”
Better we behave normal then its already crazy enough for life, because tall trees catch much wind.
As we stand on the top of a mountain, we will always see higher mountains.
To reach the top is a long way to go, but no one can predict the speed of going down.
Be ourselves and let’s move mountains with our minds, because hubris will only shift our character and attitude to another level.



I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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