Never make Permanent Decision by a Temporary Feeling


Everyone knows that to be responsible for making decisions in life is always difficult.
To make a right decision is not an easy task and things can goes wrong if we are not in the good mood.
Make a decision without the best feeling is always dangerous and can cause disappointments.
Sometimes we are frustrated by a certain thing and if we need to decide anything at that time, it may develop into a completely erroneous situation.
It is always not advisable to make decision base on our feeling and we should only decide something when we can estimated the results or the outstanding facts.
If our feelings play a role then its very easy to make wrong decisions because we are angry or overly optimistic and we actually force ourselves to make a decision because sometimes we no longer care for whether it’s good or bad.
It can turn out well sometimes and make us happy but usually it will have a negative outcome and we will regret it later but then it is too late.
Because good decisions are always make when we can control our feelings.
Make a permanent decision by temporary feeling will give more grief rather than joy to our life.
But then when is the proper timing to make a permanent decision?


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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