Never Judge the Path of Other If We have Not Walk into Their Journey


It’s more easier in life when we can show nothing ourselves but want to judge others even if we do not know them.
That’s like “hear the bell but do not know where the clapper hangs”
Nowadays, it seems that the people have no more talking point so they go on to talk about others and often speak over everything what happen in others life and most of the conversation are quite exaggerated.
So their story about another life “It’s kind of taken on a life of its own” and as a result after all is said by several mouths.
There is almost no more truth attached and this story is full of lies which is being allows with no reason, as a result someone will get severely disadvantaged.
And don’t forget that the same person who talks about others to us, then after they also will talk about us with others.
At first they will placed others in a disadvantage situation by their wicked speech, and then after gossip about us in the same circle, just think carefully what consequences this can have for us.
Bad gossip about others while they are not there and on that moment they cannot defend their own based on dishonesty.
Give our opinion about something or life experiences exchange with or against certain individuals is something we never can prevent but if we tell the complete truth, we always give them a chance to defend themselves.
But do not go around telling lies about things that we never heard and are not sure whether it is based on the truth.
Sentencing about others is easy, but to know the truth and find out how it goes in reality, will be very wise for us before we make our judgement.
There is often not thought of it and then get a “to make a mountain out of a molehill” with the result that people are being duped, because another wants to save their skin and spread the lies around.
Never mix our own in things that we do not know for sure it is the true.
Sometime reading someone else book of life can give an obscure result to us.
And to judge others without having walked the same journey as their life experiences would not be fair and genuine to them.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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