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Mother, is an art.
Mother, a Mother be is great favor.
Mother, what were we without you?
Mother, I’m still happy with U.
Mother, You have me learned all .
Mother, I can always worships You.
Mother, You have given me love.
Mother, with the love another now let tremble.
Mother, you have always done with love.
Mother, so now I can stand on my own feet.
Mother, I am thankful you even more than in the past.
Mother, thats why I am now this person in the present.
Mother, you always gave me all the aid and support.
Mother, a good ten on Your report .
Mother, You’re my best friend.
Mother, I have always seen that.
Mother, I hope you may live long and healthy.
Mother, so that enjoy from You not only takes a little time.
Mother, we are always able to find solutions.
Mother, the memories I have are quite nice.
Mother, if I look back on my life.
Mother, I know what you gave to me.
Mother a Big Kiss and a thick plume.
Mothers love it is always fine.

Thanks for Your Child and blood related.
You are my Brilliant in life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen



Mother Poetry Stories by Jan Jansen