Miracles of Mother der Nature


We are often surprised by what our eyes see and what we sometimes experience during the great outdoors in nature.
Nature is always a surprise it is super beautiful or ugly in our point of view.
Nobody can prepare for natural disasters or the intensity of Mother der nature.
Everyone has to do with it, even though in their life has been only a heavy downpour, or seen in the media what havoc a hurricane could cause.
It can be very cold or hot and pretty awful too as it can turn from the far left to right from starting sunshine go rain or summer to winter tide possible flipped over.
Weather forecasts from Mother of nature is now by many studies with computer programs and experiences almost certainly to predict but it is never sure, because it remains our nature.
Because of the natural wonders, we are now on this planet, but also can in seconds disappearing to the sublunary sphere.
Through the miracles of Mother der nature, gives that the human or animal does no certitude a carefree existence on this earth globe.
Weather forecasts we can prognosticate nowadays, but changes can occur on every moment.

The natural beauty of the outdoors is very colorful and it is unpredictable and hard to believe, but it can destroy itself in seconds by a natural disaster.


I wish you a healthy life

Kindly Regards
author Jan Jansen

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Miracles of Mother der Nature

Miracles of Mother der Nature – author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen