Meet Our Own Mirror Image


If we are looking good around and learn from it, the nature will helps us with everything.
We need only to think about it as well, about the how and why and after can know or understand it completely.
All of life is a complete reflection of ourselves as in face off the same fully respected people.
A person that give a lot of respect get more consideration with respect back again.
We ourselves do good for the world and others as they do well back again to us.
Whoever does good, which well met.
Everything is a reflection of what we give ourselves to the society.
Life is so simple if we are fortunate enough to be able to meet people with the same mutual respect.
The reflection of ourselves will always overcome the evils.
Being honest is the best policy and will get every finish line in life with a victory achieved with satisfaction and a inner pride.
Mirror ourselves not with others and hope that everyone his thoughts are equal in our circle of friends so we know that we are dealing with the right people.
Humans with concern, alertness, attentiveness, indulgent, respect, flexibility, admiration, appreciation and bestow respect to every relationship.
Bet You!
That of course will met people on our life path which we must sense perceive and experience that not everybody thinking and feels the same like us.
Let ourselves therefore not automatically discourage by these individuals, they bump naturally into someone that have much more worse manners and intentions with them.

Honesty with respect will always win, life is a mirror image with a boomerang effect which give in returns justice and candidness.


I wish you a healthy life
Kindly Regards
Author Jan Jansen
Dutch Version

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Meet Our Own Mirror Image

Meet Our Own Mirror Image