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Me life is not growing so as I want.


The moment we can think.
Can we go our own lives and determine a form.
We have guidelines it received from our parents before.
And that will most influence on our thinking in life.
The seed is planted in our body and will now grow into something beautiful.
The roots of our existence are fed by our parents on the best way.
If we follow the road as our parents because they want the best.
But is that the best way in life ?
Or is it always so beautiful in life ?
And is it always so in life ?
No unfortunately not, through experiences in life become the growth states.
The meeting of good and bad people.
Has a major impact on your life.
You have been adjusted accordingly as a chameleon.
You have changed to the color of the experience.
Never lose your direction that you have been taught by your parents.
Not Yet your own experience and adapted to the situation at a time.
One moment you your whole life follow and let You think.
That good or bad moment indicates a change in life.
Turn affect your thinking and feelings.
Feelings that you never thought there was.
For it was You never learned or done.
That experience did you dearly done.
That was a turning point in life as you always never had seen.
That experience came to you and remember you changed or not.
It was so good or so bad, that does not matter.
This was an experience to think about what and how.
How could that happen to me now what I had done good or wrong in the past.
This was only in my dreams, how do I get it.
It was so good or bad, but is this really life ?
Yes that’s life and you have never learned it.
So do you feel now but honored to participate to have this experience.
And you a different perspective on life.
A first experience of real life.
What Your life will surely influence on good or bad.
But that’s life really.


Experiences determine the growth in you life.
And play a large role in your life.
So go there and fight against it.
Is what You never can win.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen