Managerial Position


A leader must have oversight and control over everything in his activity and function.
Must be able to see everything with clear mind and a good purpose plus also have an open visor.
Can easily detect the resulting errors with good perspective and evaluate on results of assignments.
Himself and team focus on certain areas with a weak foundation to make the necessary improvements there.
Communicating through multiple points and thus protections to maximize for to preventing dishonesty today and corruption.
Thereby taking into account assistance from indoors in teamwork and cameras let them recording for registered unsavory practices.
Knowing what the weak links in their organizational units and at every wrong action could be enable to give a counter-reaction.
A gradual managerial position have at the top is a difficult and long road with a lot of philosophizing and responsibility.
In order to provide successful leadership is to have confidence, togetherness with good communication, etc. are present.
To lose a leadership position is a quick and humiliating way that may arise by failing to fulfill commitments and to be frivolity, because other people want to see results.
Not followed spoken words or deeds can be a culprit in life and hard physical and mental bodily ills induce or influencing for  (someone) multiple parties.
Many people on our planet can not handle such a setback and will change their demeanor.
But its better not to forget that they are the inductive person itself, been due to lack of knowledge or their frivolously behavior.

Every degradation is obviously to the detriment of anyone their existence in our nature of thinking, a promotion would give a boost and proud, but at that time they cannot vanquish a reduction in rank against themselves.


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author Jan Jansen


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Managerial Position

Managerial Position – author Jan Jansen