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What do You look delicious.
If I watch my feelings begin to stir.
And have all the taste in my mouth.
I taste you all in my thoughts.
But you are not mine.
First I am going to move and view.
After weighing, pricing and packing.
I walked to the checkout only to You.
What see You there still very delicious.
Glad I have taken decision.
My stomach will let me dreams with You in me.
Ha Ha I pay fer You and the plastic will open.
Two of You I take it now and put them on my lips.
I feel the softness and see no dots.
Me teeth biting it gently.
But that’s just the beginning.
The juice runs over me lips and tongue catches it up.
Me teeth biting into the pit and eat the fruit flesh.
What are you guys terribly delicious.
Enjoying this is what I do from it.
You go through my throat into my stomach.
I really do not see this as a nuisance but enjoy the taste.
The rest will now follow with more passion.
Because I know now that you are delicious.
Before I know I stand with an empty plastic bag in my hand.
And my tummy feels full of sense.
I can not believe You are all I have in me.
That the fun can not be changed.
You was already my meal.
There will be superiors after follow.
I know now already in my mind.
Repetition amenable to peace and a full stomach.
Enjoying this is what I did.
Thanks to nature.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen