To Live a Creative Life, We Must Never Fear of doing Something Wrong


Nobody wants to live in an unpleasant or monotonous life, but we all prefer to have lots of variety and added some spice on top of our daily routine.
In order to realize that with our own that we will have to come with some marvelous ideas and with some luck we should be living in our life in a creative way easily.
Still discovering new things and enjoy them as there is still some interesting thing that we all want to find out.
But to come out with new ideas everyday and then even managed it, is of course a impossible mission.
So there will always some bad days in which we can not sense entirely that we had chosen the wrong idea.
If we want to have 364 days of joy for a year, we will need to act like a cartoon character from Walt Disney because that will never gonna be happen in our life.
Through trial and errors we can improve our life, so we should not be afraid to make mistakes or do the wrong things.
Therefore, there are several new ideas arise and we can be more creative by better thinking of what we like, so a combination of daily mapping will be easily achieved.
Life can be easy, but to have it organized we should keep us smiling even when we are making mistakes, by then we are in the advantages position to be creative.
Our life journey begins with creativity.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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