Life is Really Simple, Don’t make it Complicated


If we had a good childhood and know how to behave, it is not difficult
to adapt to the norms and values on the places where we stay.
There will always be problems around the corner, no matter everywhere
we are in the world.
Encounter with good and bad people,each had their own past.
To read the life of others will be murky, because everybody always
looks better from the outside than it can be felt the word within.
Therefore it is always better to just live our own life and do not
compare or measure with others.
Everyone has his own advantages and disadvantages in their existence on earth.
Happy and unhappy moments with tears from joy or sadness.
There are also rules that we all must follow and keep it strictly to us.
To become the black sheep of the family would make life complicated
for us and others, it also give difficult times to all.
If we are polite to everyone and abide by the rules imposed on us then
we will not have complicated moment in our life.
Make it simple and organized so we won’t get into trouble.
I cannot make it simpler well more complicated.
So let’s keep it simple.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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