Let Us be the Architect of our Own Life Plan


Many people want to make decisions for us, but that’s not a wonderful plan.
It is better to take charge of those decisions ourselves, whether its right or wrong, that can be seen afterwards.
We are the only one who can architect our own life line and decide for which path to go on.
But we will have to make sure that the incorrect decision is a lesson for us to learn and we are responsible for bringing it to a change into a good way.
Nobody can predict how the future will be, but what we can do is to be a great designer and architect on it.
Let’s be an architect of our own life line and plan everything well with the proper size and destination which is good for us.
So that all the pieces of the puzzle will fit together and create a perfect life where everything is planned to perfection.
Take into account for ourselves everywhere and everything to find its place from the development of our own sketch for life.
Each open place will get a position in the outline because it is filled up by us with a proper goal to make our life journey more pleasant to share with purpose.
As an architect, we can easily modify every mistake and correct any wrong alignment with an eraser and characterize it after to arrange for a better lot.
It is fine as we can make all the decisions ourselves and change it to the way which will make us feel the happiness.
We know everything as an architect so that our schedule gets a life line with a terminal destination and everything as we wish it.
That would bring the excellent joy and happiness in our life, it is better than hit the jackpot in a lottery.
Be an architect of our own life path with an ultimate sketch so it would almost impossible for us to be unhappy.
Only our health can be a huge effect for our plan of life and can give us the unwanted disappointment.
Life is full of exciting challenge and experience on the way to happiness.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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