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Know Where we Begin


If we can not predict how something may ends then how could it possible to be able to know where on to begin.
Life is full of surprise and a lot of things we know because we live a regular life.
But everything is limited and can change as the weather because we are not a programmed robots.
So unpredictable things always can happen that no one can count on it or has any idea of it.
Life is an adventure with many obstacles and events where the traitors not sleep, those who jealous always stay awake and many competition that leads to hatred and envy.
Therefore it is better to start positive for every action or conversation  because our self-confidence and honesty will always overcome the hurdles.
No one can predict what tomorrow is going to give us, we only know in our own minds what we’re doing.
The moment when we start it from somewhere, the end result is always  unpredictable for us.
That will always be just a hope for a good outcome even though thepre-studies and calculations are done, there is no 100% is guaranteed.
But fortunately most of the people always accepted it and therefore they always remain optimistic with their spoken word.
Anyone who enters positive into any fight will always be a step forward in the league but they will never can predict for the outcome.
We should know where we begin especially when we do not like it.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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