To Know Ourselves is the Beginning of All Wisdom


Without action, or doing something we will never know about ourselves but through various good and bad experiences we can quickly discover it.
We will learn how far we or others can go before the bomb goes off from our body and we losing our self control.
So we can learn from the experiences how to get a good and relaxed feeling which will influence our mood with the excellent interaction.
Which topics we can use to laugh, and let us don’t forget which one make us cry.
How we can process the pain after a bad experience without having the sorrow  about that experience and after this not more think too much about since we have almost endured the pain.
If we love someone we can calm down, when the love does not come from both sides, we have to show respect to the other one that we understand it and have all the situation under control with our emotions.
When there are very serious accidents or things happen with ourselves or our loved ones, we must try not to respond as overwrought so we managed to calm down  ourselves to handle it in the right direction.
If we are overwhelmed because of badly cheated and let down by someone we completely trusted and we believed from our hearts, and then we must be strong to bid farewel to them same as we have never meet before
If we reach that point in our life, we can have inner peace within our body and soul  then we can celebrate it with a triumph as victory for the freedom.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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