Keep your mouth well .


Some people talk so much that someone else can not stand it.
It takes much energy to listen to them.
You no more assume ears ringing and can not hear it.
You prefer to give them a spin around the ears.
Or you saying now but keep your mouth.
What they have there now on.
Much talk and think.
The start is directly with lies as they start to open their mouth.
Just keep talking to prove and great to do.
But in fact they are without money.
And have many problems in their minds.
Also to the people who only expect lies from them.
They think with stories to impress you.
But in fact they have much to learn.
And everything about it.
Because believe what they say is not always good.
It is the way they say it.
Doubt that the story is again a lie.
So they are up against it and must go to another.
The next they are going to cheat.
Because their life is lying.
Lying to be better off.
Now they have a sign on their head.
They really believe that everyone kicks in there.
And in their fall will run , how many they have already cheated ?
Deceived with malice recommended.
There comes a day that she must pay.
This is very costly to them and lose all their contacts.
Contacts where everybody is waiting.
This is the major part of U life.
You have with contacts a future.
That is what you need in your life.
With contacts you can be full of courage to enjoy it.
And nothing is too difficult or too much.
Converge on the same road.
Then you know I’ve done well.


Be honest in life.
Tell stories with no lies.
Those only give a last shot and not go and give no friendship.
Contacts is money and security in life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen