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Keep Friends.


It is easy to make friends, but not easy to keep them.
The more you have to offer its faster and easier to make friends.
If you’re a popular figure and looks good also helps great.
A good means to transport have and a generous behavior to give money out is also welcome.
Have Private property ownership and there also over like to talk is also a good incoming door.
Good stories to tell and the people around you let laugh is also top.
Good dancer and can decorate around you so that even for another is what to share.
Yes that is food for friends and they bite you very quickly as a friend.
But those friends who remain there after many years the most of them are already gone in a few hours after their eyes were bigger than their stomach, so drunk and a full meal so that they do not recognize You anymore.
Some share with you their name card with phone numbers and speak we call after.
With others You make an appointment and you hope that they fulfill it.
If You meet after it is very cozy and nice with a great pleasure.
Super that you had the chance to meet such a person (s).
You are happy and completely satisfied when you get home.
And hope that he, she, or they also feel in this way.
Now after the hard part of this wonderful meeting.
The friendship will remain long time in good harmony and joy.
Happiness and joy of both sides from out of the heart.
Without ulterior motive or profit interests from together.
Ready stand for each other without a counter of thinking performance get back in return.
When there is work to be done all together sharing and distribution.
Together discuss and develop plans for a better future.
Then we can only conclude that we have a friend (s) or friend (s)
Met and a future together on equal rights.
Because real friends earn money with each other and make pleasure together.
Business friends fun to earn money on each other and having fun together.
Everyone has the choice of how happiness and feel good in own way.
About feelings is not an estimate , we are all different.
Thinking may be affecting in behavior and performance.
Habits is easy, we all go to toilet.
All need water and food.
And also from time to time, attention and a hug with heat.
Friendship in the right place is like a rock in the surf.
Unbeatable and a future directed goal.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen