Its the Little Things that do It

It are not always the big things that cause the emotional problems and inner pain in our life.
Bring about somewhat small can sometimes cause more unpredictable pain than can imagine ourselves.
Something totally unimportant for another can inflict incalculable pain to our feeling or vice versa.
The lead cause from anything can possible for the doer have  somewhat of insignificant value.
With creating a small volume stress and irritation can cause the concern, giving annoyance with emotional so much grief and pain.
This can give us a great intensity of pain and it’s not a wisecrack.
It’s often difficult to process it directly into our body and mind.
In retrospect, thought it was better never been there, so we had no heartache, because of our love and concern for others.
Forgiving and put ourselves in another person’s statement or way of thinking is very important, because a done deal or spoken word has no way back.
If we go depth into any mistake or error with our feeling from another with our thinking and thoughts we will become insane.
Making ourselves every time unconsciously too busy and have at some point no relations left.
Be truth and broadminded to ourselves give others the freedom for be carefree have the possibility for making unintentional errors themselves without excuse to us.
Peculiar will it be when someone us, just in one time forsake, by torment of many stacked problems, its the Little Things that do It.

Sometimes it’s the little things that do it to feel mentally happy or unhappy, the difference between downcast and fortunate is in the contentment from inner ourselves.


I wish you a healthy life

Kindly Regards
Author Jan Jansen

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