It does Not matter how Slowly we go as long as we do not Stop.


Sit still is something we all can since we do not have to be beautiful or ugly or to get ourselves in a beautiful  appearance.
Rich or poor, smart or stupid, but is that wise to sit still?
It will only bring disadvantages for us after a long time of inactivity in the society.
If we not move its also a bad for health by not exercising and there will be no progress in our personal social contacts.
We can sit all day at the computer and create new contacts in social media  but is that all still credible?
But it is also a way to progress and we can obtain a pleasure and leisure when there is something for us to do and not sit still.
It is always better to do something and try to meet new friends in life because that is very important in our life.
Friendship and contacts in life are the elements that we need for fun and relaxation together.
Money is just an afterthought and it will be great when it slowly arrives while we can also have good feelings.
Just keep busy and do not stop as a constructive strategy then we can slowly reach our goal.
Health is not for sale and neither nor real friends.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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