Intelligent is Knowing to Ask the Right Question at the Perfect Timing


Some people speak directly with their hearts, and therefore sometimes everything can be blurted out, because it come out their mouth without thinking wisely about it.
But it is better to hear the words from those people because they are sincere, it may not be the music to our ear, but this is what inside their thought at that moment.
And this words came directly from their heart out of their mouth, so they are not lying, but the outright truth may directly give a slap in our faces.
That is for most not intelligent to give a direct answer from the heart, because the most persons they will first think about it before to give a strategic response, but that will never have the same value as an answer direct from the heart.
So what is wisdom to listen from the feeling of a prepared answer?
When it is a question of strategic business, things can be thought but in the private life sphere it does not need to be set as priority, because it could be dangerous for us.
Someone who merits on questioning always want to find out something that they do not know and their suspicious can easily be misguided.
They might not mean to be malevolent, but it can give an uncomfortable feeling when there is being strayed into the topic at that time when everyone is talking about that particular topic.
So “let the cobbler stick to his last” is the correct equation with such questioning whether there is enough conversation of words or not, maybe its the intention to use the time and let everyone feels the balance.
Is it the perfect timing to make every effort for having a sincere conversation or to accept it as a smart question?


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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