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I’m So Special.


You can that not see ?
I’m different from you.
I’m nicer and have a Athletic figure.
Everybody look at me.
So I’m Special and more than you.
Look at you , I see nobody watching.
So we do not compare.
I have the upper hand and enjoy it.
But I want to give them nothing , I just want to take.
That will be different in your position.
Especially because you are not a beauty.
Your face is for to cry.
You figure to sail it captures so much wind.
So that each boat is sinking.
And I do not feel honored.
But you know it hurt You when they look at me.
I see those eyes for me collapse.
They also look at me ass.
Because that is beautiful around.
So I make use of that.
And later on down the loot.
I’m so special and have airs.
And I feel more than you.
I have lucky , because you are standing behind me.
And are too different and should not there anymore.
You stay now only as a problem for me.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen