Ignore a Thousand Reasons to Quit, we only Need One Reason to be Motivated


In life there is good and bad times, sometimes is good for anything and at some other time, everything gone bad.
If we have a goal which we began with a feeling, but then give it up like nothing is a cowardly act.
That will not do any good to our self-respect and if we stand before the mirror, to look into the eyes of a loser then the tears may roll down from our cheeks.
There can always be some unexpected things happen that we have no other choice and the tears already rolling before we look into the mirror.
But if we have choices we must be strong to look first for solutions by ourselves in order to be inspired and stay positive to continue for a better future.
Giving up is the last option we should be thinking about and we must realize immediately why and how excited by the time we started it.
So think of something directly to find a reason to encourage us to hold responsibility in these situations and be encouraging with stimulation, that will generates new energy for us.
Every pain we endure is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit on something, so follow what our heart tells us from the beginning, never just simply give up something.
Clarify ourselves what is the reason behind and whether it is wise to continue doing that or to stop and so losing the opportunities to a better future.
We should still have a good argument to make such a decision,  even everybody is in their bad day or mood, we all are irritable.
So at that time, it is better to get a clear mind first before we start making stupid and hasty decisions without any explanation or good reason.
Let us not believe individuals and don’t let them discourage us by negative external poor judgment which will have influences on our mood that we later get regret from our quick decision.
Always empower our minds with certainty, never doubt with every decisions of life for our future interests.
Always look for one reason that will not let us quit immediately but give us the motivation energy to continue with a good cheer.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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