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If we Not Happy with what we Got then We will Never be Satisfied


Persons who are too demanding will not be satisfied quickly,  then they need to have many good luck, or will get themselves into a difficult life.
Positive people always see the value of something and are they always choose to be  happy with things that happen in their life.
While pessimistic persons always ask for better thus it is not easy to find satisfaction within themselves
Making it difficult for giving out the value of something and they forget that the real happiness comes from a positive appreciation for an event.
They are always complaining about it could have been better and that’s a weakness in their minds, because it could have been turn to worst.
The pessimistic people not thinking like this, but they are at once positive to say it could be better than expected.
Satisfaction is never in their dictionary and the phrase “it was great” either, it is nearly hopeless and impossible for these people to do something good for them.
They will never be happy and satisfied with what they have, so they will label every experience in the future with bad thoughts and discouraging words.
Everything they reach or get will be too little or disadvantage to their needs so their luck is never there and this wll be the dark clouds of their life.
Feeling contented will always give us the happiness.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - If we Not Happy with what we Got then We will Never be Satisfied