I think of You.


It is now already 15 years ago when you left us.
You were just gone we never can understand it.
We were so happy together and everything went so well.
The harmony in our lives, feelings and actions.
Miracles and seeds there was always something brewing.
Our life seemed a fairy tale and was so good.
We had almost no problems, there were not faults.
But why did the nature this to us.
It has lasted for a period of ill and good.
But that changed the love in our family for sure not.
Love that kept us all together and embraced each day.
Love that warmed our lives.
We loved each other.
We no have to talk and understand each other.
But nature has no mercy.
And pulled us apart.
The children had many questions and began to complain.
Sometimes I think of those beautiful moments.
And look in the air, I want to talk with a deep sigh.
The words that I say I do not understand.
All I know is, it reminds me very much of You.
For the life of then is not there anymore.
You are now in heaven and wait for me.
I want now first get a life and do not forget you.
But that’s not so easy.
I will now compare and should not do that.
So in the air I give you a kiss.
A kiss of respect for what we have done together.
Nature what have you done to us.


Nature’s strongest force in our lives.
Nature can give us everything.
But can we also deny everything.
Nature knows no mercy.
And can anyone betray.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen