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I feel myself so strong.


I have two hands and two feet.
They are all in good function.
From my mouth comes a strange language.
But that can not spoil the fun.
Because I feel good.
I know what I can and am also appreciated.
Two battle is something that they try to create.
But let me not impress.
And get me own way.
The foundation is what I made durable.
There is nobody who that can break.
All of this is limited.
That’s why I feel so strong.
Branches, they try to break but it is not possible.
The roots which I created , they speak their own language.
Going to many roads on earth it’s just not normal anymore.
That’s just the story start with a good foundation.
We can now build up in the air.
The Team is confident that everything certainly succeeds.
The statistics shall speaking.
This is a clear language.
And that’s just , because of good morals.
Together we have built as a Team.
And none of us is married.
That will happen later with a good future in sight.
To get us to drop , that is a new poem.


Thanks to the Easy Branches Team.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen