The Greatest Challenge in Life is to Discover Who We are


Everything in life will become more easier if we know who we are and fully understand  the strength and weaknesses in our character.
We should know what we are afraid and when we are not, also when the time we can be satisfied or pissed off with something that we cannot accept it.
How we can be happy again after a slump and what can make us excited again.
To find out what can stimulate and not infect us, it is very important we can avoid addicted to the bad habits to keep ourselves in control.
Knowing what we are interested in and the knowledge we already have so we know a certain direction about ourselves and what is the best for us.
Everyone has their own personality, some even have multiple faces .
It is very important to know who we are and what we are capable of.
Because then we can fully optimize with our own talents and use them in our daily life .
And we make good choice with doing things that can bring satisfaction to our heart in order to meet our target in life.
Because happiness will never just come to us,  we will have to create or find by our-self.
And the better we know ourselves, the easier to accept modifications and changes to be applied if necessary .
So that we ready to discover whether we are suitable for a particular feature or must change ourselves.
Because certain things we might completely under control physically but we comes a little too short spiritually and mentally or vice versa .
This is not an unusual thing, and also we all confronted with it and to avoid disappointment , it is so important that we know ourselves and our limits well.
That we are not surprised with each new challenge and discover that we have too overambitious and see we are not talented enough.
The finest sense for ourselves is to be discovered by others and we also discover ourselves that we possess the knowledge and skills that are needed to meet their expectations.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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