Friends Who Through Life Pass by can Be an Affect for our Very Future.


We all hope for a long and healthy life what is possible to get on this global, and where that will be is not so important, if we are lucky in that place.
Our life consists of different phases with different ages and mental experiences where we encounter new faces every time.
By this faces are humans with different characters and ideas about life, where we can sometimes agree with and other times completely disagree.
Each individual has their own preferences and ideas how to place themselves and to behave in our society, personal education will determined that for the most part.
If we have more personal contact with private individuals which will give us an impression on them and through communication, we learn their way of thinking and purpose in life.
Through our experiences together it can grow into a close friendship or relationship with having a good day or hello and also kindness from both sides.
When they have bad intentions in a memorable event, that can could linger long grieved in our memory.
If we are disappointed in that person, then this impression has left a bad mark on us, so that we will get more suspicion in humanity and at the next meeting with someone we will be more careful.
And the more unpleasant experiences we will experience in our existence on earth, the more we become suspicious towards mankind, because our trust is violated.
It is very important to be cautious establish with new contacts, because they are in first strangers that we need to know very well before we put our trust in them blindly.
Family and friends can make and break us psychologically notion, dealing with the experiences together and have a major impact on our mentality thinking into the future.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen


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Friends Who Through Life Pass by can Be an Affect for our Very Future 4 June 2015