Forgiveness is the Best for a Peaceful Solution


Everyone makes mistakes in their life, both consciously and unconsciously, because a perfect person is yet to be born.
But when is someone perfect?
This is different for all of us, everyone has a different limit and if we are too demanding, we can never be satisfied with somebody.
If we want a partner with look and character in perfection, this will not be easy to succeed.
A good looking and smart person does not always have a soft character, because of many attention and abundant choices they have, and they usually make use of it.
But there are always exceptions, and in life we get what we deserve, so always be alert and patience then we will not lose our chance easily.
Sometimes we think we’ve met the right partner or relationship, but then it turns out that its only the feeling from our single side, and that’s heartbreaking.
That also happened from the other side of the relation, that there are also no feelings, that eventually give impossible reactions with bad feelings on both sides.
If we give our trust to friends but it turns out that they abuse it, this give a terrible pain with  disappointed feeling for us.
We usually will be very angry and our inner feelings are about to erupt, but by doing so, the situation will not be improved and it only give more frustration to us.
Try to remain calm and realize that this is no future on our relationship but one for the section of the past.
React with evil action or doing stupid things will change the situation and the conflict will only worsen for ourselves, this certainly not worthwhile for us.
Maybe we should consider to take legal action, so there is a possibility for us to triumph by compensating both of our rights when there is a need for retribution.
Even if we must constantly walk around with this relationship in mind, we ruin our own life by being unhappily and we do not deserve for this.
When we meet people who break our trust, then maybe the best thinking in our mind is that we have to tell them!
Forgiveness is my gift to them and going through with my life without them is the gift to myself.
Then we create a peaceful solution with forgiveness for the mistake make by ourselves, because we’ve already let the wrong relationship abuse on the trust of us.
Always looks for the positive side and never let the negativity people influence our life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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