For a Special Person.

Thank you for your social thought.
You’re always there for me.
Your Support has really helped me.
Every time I was so happy.
The attention you give me is a great gift.
Since that I can certainly not complain.
The attentions which you write and give me is a sign and a compliment.
And even more a great gift.
That gave me more to believe in my own.
Because this all did not come from above.
The stimulation you gave me for to stay.
And anything to write about life and thought.
To another to achieve a better future.
Because that is unfortunately no longer up for grabs.
And so I try another are thoughts to increase.
And better to open his eyes to see everything.
But before I get certainly not a ten.
But will thank you by supporting me.
For the effort I and my team have done.
Together we are strong and we go every day against it.
The three wise men coming from the east.
And you will certainly not comforting with that.
I wish you a life with good health and good luck.
Then your live can no more have damage.
I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen