Flowers specially for U.


Especially for you I let make these flowers.
I hope you are not going to yawn.
Do not fall asleep without me.
For by You I want to side by side lie down.
You gently caress and kiss.
Whisper something in your ears.
All those things you want to hear.
Hear what’s in my mind.
I want You not to wait more longer.
And open my heart to you and speak.
I know everyone has their flaws.
But we’re not going too deeply thinking about that.
Because together we form a pair.
A couple goes through depths and valleys.
And everywhere should pay the price for the toll.
But we do not care about this.
It is the love and caress each other.
That keep us together.
Thus we form the perfect couple.
In difficult moments I take you in my arms.
And we enjoy each other warm.
We talk about problems and bad things.
That our love only can conquer.
Our hearts go faster.
The closer we stand together.


Sweetie I think a lot about U.
Life is difficult and have bad times.
But the love we always want companies.
Love brings joy to our lives.
And then we can get better enjoy it.
The clock never stops and just goes ahead.
So before we know the light is out.
And it’s bed is spread without You.
But take what we have now.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen