Feed Another with Wisely Advice is Easier than Apply it for Ourselves, but Try it to Do.


People criticize or point out their mistakes with a frustrated or degrading premise is so simple, but in order to help them with positive impact is better for both.
Everyone knows that if we want beautiful roses while we also will have to accept the thorns to grow with it, so is it also with a good life.
It almost never is consistently good, there will always be obstacles might only physical or vice versa, but it is almost impossible that every day is good, better periods are possible.
In some situations come or be thought that we are in a corner and we cannot make a normal or realistic decisions, because its only based on fear, survival, bluff, great courage etc.
We drive too hard and then it was impossible to cut through the red light and after tell our family members or other we love not to go through the red light.
That is something completely counterproductive, but with good intentions and concern, it is all easier said than done but often define situations brash our actions.
We can be very intelligent and wise to think about anything but an unexpected circumstance can make us reckless and emotional issue of insanity mind.
And then it’s easy for another that is not affected emotionally to effortlessly advice and counsel but then this become almost never adopted or it is too late.
So self-control and make representations in mind and figure out what we would do in certain situations and how we will react is not a bad trait and recommended.
The difficulty is to feed it to apply to ourselves in that plight, because give another a advice while we are completely relaxed is as breathe wind in the fresh air.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen


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Feed Another with Wisely Advice is Easier than Apply it for Ourselves, but Try it to Do 2 June 2015