Faithfulness Manages the Best Relationships


We all now live in modern times where almost everything related to money and power, why does so many people treat those things as a priority?
There are no more feelings of self-respect and characters change through too much or too little money and power.
Can we buy everything, including the love and pride of the past? And is a person for sale?
When we have money and power, then the answer = “I love You”, but when we doesn’t possess both, then love will not start or the feeling is no more there.
It’s true that we must always have a plan for the future, but without love there is no future, and we will never have that feeling of being happy while we are in love.
Everything will be based on materialistic which can be obtained with money and power, and most things can be bought or bribed which in turns generated any sorts of joyfulness.
If we start with that, then all faithful bands is being violated in this phase, and there will never be any question of love, because that’s already not important.
Everywhere in any relationship where there is love and affection for each other, there will also need the trust, and it make the best mutual interests for both.
It gives the feeling that every person need confidence and inner peace to be able to leave it to someone else while we are not there without worry for everything.
A trust is a foundation for the future with creating the credible chances by the shared gift that we both owned together.
When the trust is violated, it’s the same like a glass that breaks and needs to glue and make it presentable again, but it will never get the same purity and beauty back to the way it was before.
Trust give us the freedom to be ourselves and others a chance to prove it.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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