Every Great Discovery Start from a Daring Character


If we have ideas but didn’t do anything with it, just carried it away in our mind, we will never meet the real discovery.
Only those who have the guts to start the journey of their own idea can know afterwards what the explorer can be perceived in their voyage.
Someone who is ambitious and have a character with faith in their idea, then there is nothing can stop them to get what they want.
They just start to discover whether their idea in mind can be achieved the same as in reality and would like to realize it in real.
There will be a lot of works to do, that’s important but not a problem for them to achieve it, because their thoughts are constantly working on the target.
That’s the only thing which will counts for them to reveal whether it is feasible to use this in the normal life and so to help both themselves and others with the disclosure of ideas.
This would be able to pass the wealth of history and a new revelation, the proclamation of something new that is going to help for the humanity.
Small thoughts on an idea can also become a global understanding where millions of people will benefit from it.
And each one can come up with own idea but many don’t have enough confidence to present it to the outside world.
Those who dared to start their idea can grow into a great discoverer of something and spreading it into the world, this can make them famous as a great inventor.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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