Especially for You.


For You I want to do anything and everything I do , I do from my heart.
My day I sacrifice for you and my everyday existence also.
Maybe You would not believe me and I never cheated You.
When I look in your eyes I feel like a king.
Then I feel butterflies in my stomach and I’m in Your life. 
I’m right about you to dream in my fantasies.
Together with You go in better moods and to places.
To our good to entertain and to delight.
Shriek with laughter and fun.
And my heart beats more and goes  on hollow.
All my love I can only give to You.
I stand here trembling and shaking on my legs.
The words I can not find because I’m so nervous.
You would just could be wrong think about me now.
And now You can be the wrong love give to me..
And then takes it all to here and that’s not what I want.
Life with You and I want to stay and together have children.
Together, make sure and think of the day of tomorrow.
As a family, I will honor you with love and appreciate.
For everything you done with me and if necessary further explanation.
My heart will I give you, because together we can be against.
Happy are and all united as a good family.
Then life has only good content and meaning.
And we live there in the middle.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen