Efforts Coupled with Determination is the Best Formula to Achieve our Goal


At school we are working to develop ourselves to have fantasies about the future and playfully we come to a point that we know what we want, so must make the decisions at that time.
But as we are young, we know that many things can change after our decisions, but to make that decision we need the courage and self-confidence.
A wise person is just an ordinary person with an extraordinary determination and have a target to focus on.
When come to the specified time, we completely know it and can immediately determined to do something, then we will always give our 100% effort so that no one can stop us more easily.
Adamant is in our thoughts and we are going to put that into effect with a workable plan , so we no more can derogate from it.
Enthusiasm and exertions give us the courage to get our perseverance to use it at maximum level.
So we decide what we want and prepare everything to avoid counteraction, and to work further with a good ambition.
What is needed to achieve our goal and we will not deviate it from our structured plan to establish from this and to continue from there.
Work accordingly to an outline plan in conjunction with the well-built formula will ultimately reward our efforts, so we can achieve our targeted goal  easily.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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