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Economic crisis.

Many people stand with empty hands and sit there.
The high costs and poor economy with many problems.
Families have the value they have built in years lost.
Lifelong worked and saved in the bank lost in days.
Tried everything to survive it but the creditors would not wait.
Because of the recession and difficult times worldwide.
Almost nobody could the high interest and collection costs not pay it anymore.
And had to give up the fight against excessive charges.
They saw their assets and revenues fall and expenditures increase.
So that is carry water to the sea and for no one good.
Their pride , decreased because an economic crisis.
Caused by World leaders and as caused by rising and falling currency.
In and Exports of goods and changed price did not give profits anymore.
Victims cannot make more profits and shrinks in the staff because of layoffs.
People lose their jobs at a company where they have worked years of their lives.
They are rebelling , it will not helps but only worsen the scenario.
Dismissal because of they are too expensive and abandoned on the street without rights.
The company has no other choice than this, and there is much discontent and sorrow in the company.
These are the facts of our daily life and every body is confronted with it.
All parts of the world is everyone affected by the economic crisis.
Unfortunately this is the reality of daily life.



I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen