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Eating with Style.


Today I go surprise You.
Go first your own washing and Beautiful clothes.
Thats today my story.
I go spoil you a bit .
Do take You into an exclusive place.
I’m sure you are going for.
You are special in my life.
And I want you all my love showing.
Show that I only love you.
And together we get old.
Are you gone so far that we can leave.
And our coats on to go forth.
A short drive in the car and we are there.
But I’m sure there do you feel fine.
We are arrived at it.
I hope you will dream later of it .
We walk through the door and our coats are adopted.
My heart begins to beat faster and go stand before You.
Honey I love you with all my heart and think only of U.
Follow me throughout my life because I stay with You.
We’re going to love this food and love goes through the stomach.
It’s like a plague, as much as I love you.
I open the door and see You blush.
You can not believe Your eyes.
Everything You see there is like in a dream.
So what is it clean.


We had dinner together.
And you were talking to about anything.
It took us much good and closer together.
Because together we can go for it again.
I love you and we live happily ever after.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen