Dreams will Always Remain in our Memory Until we Act Upon it to Make them a Reality


Dreams are illusions is a good saying, but if we have a beautiful dream and strive to bring into reality, it can be a major life change for us to be successful.
Fantasizing about our dream in mind give us the courage to become more excited so we are willing to do everything in order to make it happen.
It’s actually not easy to efface it away from our thoughts, because it give us a whim of hope and ecstasy.
Our passion and desire to make it become a reality give us the inspiration and rapture to succeed.
Action is now the only thing we have to take, because without starting it, our dream will never see the reality.
Then we’ll just continue dreaming with no results and only live in a fantasy world with great visions through our reflection.
With an assumption that there will be something happen with our dreams which will be the outcome of our vision.
But without actions or initiatives, there will be very little incidents to occur and we are just think about the dreams in our mind, because we will never execute anything without wanting to work on something.
So the proceedings after our dreams can change our life into a good sense, since we are responsible to make them come true.
With a good memory capacity we can achieve that and proceed to carry out the dream to make it function since we already have the concept in our mind.
So act with spiritual and work actively to blossom our dream into authenticity.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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