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Don’t live Your Life with Anger


There is so much injustice by misunderstandings in our lives.
Discrimination occurred because we are less develop or have no money.
Therefore we get stamped on a lesser position in society where most of us can do nothing about it.
Because money is indeed the auxiliary means for many things, If we are not well developed and we have no knowledge for sure we can learn form it but that will costs us money.
Oh sorry, when we have no money then we can not register for this course because it is not free.
This is one of many examples where we as the citizens have to deal with in this society and that can make us angry.
But unfortunately that did not make sense and gives only psychological problems for ourselves if we keep this to our heart.
These are standard procedures which has been established by the government and people like us need to continue as legal because we never can change this.
We may have the problem about it and we will get angry and then this give us an  undesirable inner frustrations for ourselves.
We are in a better position when we can think carefully about the legal system and adapt to the opportunities that we currently have.
More chances for us to develop and seek to get  a better position into our lives,  this can also opened the doors for us which was remained closed at first.
Frustration and to get anger is something which will never help us


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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