Don’t let a Temporary Setback defeat You


Live and let live is a beautiful proverb.
Use or being used is something to be forced upon premeditated..
Helping each other is a beautiful expression, but used each other is something that not can give a nice feeling and done with a preconceived plan.
By encounter with such an experience, it will give You a setback for Your cause.
You have the idea that it is to help each other for a better future, but after awhile You must conclude that they are using You.
They lack the knowledge or abilities to succeed in a project therefore they need to use You.
You don’t get any benefit from this but they gain profit from that project and at the same time also get their knowledge for free.
They have reaped the fruits of a tree that’s planted by You and also You give water to let it grow, but now You give this advantage for them.
Don’t let this Temporary Setback defeat You, see it as a lesson and learn from it.
The next time do not believe in fine words and promises, but confront them with facts and things on agreement with a mutual signature.
So this little setback will not defeat You but You have yielded a large profit by the knowledge earned and others no more can give surprises to You in the future.
They are the loser for their own game, because trust is not for sale and that they have broken their own behavior to show no respect to others.
A Temporary Setback for You is a prolonged defeat for them.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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