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Don’t Become Enemy because of a Simple Misunderstanding


Don’t let the situation become more worse due to a simple misunderstanding and thereby both can be incomprehensible then will be getting into a big problem together.
It is ridiculous to end a good relationship because of both parties are too stubborn to talk with each other.
A good friendship can be lost by a simple mistake has been make on that moment.
The bad feeling were mixed together with all conditions which occurred because of a miscommunication and that was the culprit.
Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes say something without think about it at that time.
They then shoot it to another party which may understand in the wrong way.
When the peace of mind is return, and when a personal confrontation is hard to bring it for discuss together it is better to agree and talk by the phone.
But surely it is better to work in an accumulated relationship to seek for a proper solution.
Because to become enemy will be a disadvantage for both and it is only unwise to have the thinking like this among us.
The wise person also can makes a mistake but will not have many problems to solve because they can smile after together with the embarrassment.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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