Do not Place All Eggs in the Same Basket


A secure life can be a bit more difficult  and complicated than we think.
To do something in the right direction with precision and for us to defend against protection is not easy.
There must be a good solutions that when there is something wrong, then no major problems will come to us.
So that when there is problems , it is easy to fix and can not lose for everything at once.
It should be organized in a way that if a section is not operating properly then all the rest can just goes on as normal  while we can look for a solution at the same time.
Ensuring that every problem reduce to very small risk and can never become a major disaster which can lead us back to square one.
It will cause us to lose everything in once if we place all of our bets on a single horse and then subsequently it lose the race.
Distribute and organize everything very well in our life and do not be surprised by that single accident where no one can forecast but it can destroy us as a nuclear bomb.
It take years to build up on something so it would be not wise to lose all in once.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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