Do Not Let our Inner Peace being Disturbed by Things Which is Beyond our Control


Many things happen in our life which we have no influence on it, but that can irritate our inner feelings.
We are totally disagree with it and would like to change that or try to at least bring in some improvements.
But we are totally not in forces to address them, as a result we only disturb our inner peace with something that is impossible to correct.
So basically we are bringing water to the sea, because we will never be able to realize it or find a solution.
We have completely no control over what happened there, maybe only in a dream we would be able to meet for a settlement and see it in our mind but this is not possible in real life.
So that’s no loophole to ourselves to lift the burden from others and take over their decisions, for things that we can never let it end.
These are the life-saving resourses that we’ll never be able to hand over it, we only can make a decision about it in our mind, but that will never give us a decisive outcome.
It is the best to never come into a situation to get a surprise or try to interfere in something which we never can obtain for an agreement or outcome.
Keep Calm and be inconsiderate, because when we are upset it will only disturb our own inner mood.
After a bad inner feeling, our appearance will give an acting reflection of our inner spirit.
This is a determination by others that the decision on the choice is a lost of proper control over something which we will never have a solution for it.
The illation of the conclusion from others is that we better make an immediate assessment of the situation and if we have no control over it, it is better not to take action, because that will only give harm to ourselves.
Our inner peace is very important in life so do not let it interfere by a syncope.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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