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Do Not Judge a Book by its Cover..


Our eye delivers the first signals to our brains.
From here we create an assessment of what we see and make our judgment.
What we believe is not always true it is only an estimate.
We usually make our own judgment because we need to protect from what we have experienced in the past.
Either from what we have seen by ourselves or someone talking about it or it was in the news.
Most people are good at condemn it, they are quick ready with their judgment but they have no experience and not knowing enough about that person.
Catching an impression with their eyes and they think can know everything by a good or bad experience they had before.
This can be a big mistake and a humiliation to other and then the shame to Yourself.
Antique stuff may not look good or beautiful for everyone but they are invaluable.
It is depends on a person, so do not judge anyone by just seeing them.
This person can be an invaluable asset and have a good character.
The appearance will never show an inner of a person, how strange for the first impression and You also will judge a person during the first meeting.
The cover of the book can never display the real excitement of the story’s content.



I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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