Diversity in our Life


Our daily life would be very boring if we should do the same every day, we need diversity in our life.
If there is no variety or diversity in our living conditions it can become monotonous and maybe we’ll get restless.
We can start to get bored and come in a not so optimal living standard spiral.
A standard life but always with always experiment the same is something one cannot get used to.
We are not machines that we can adjust to do every day the same without feelings or opinions.
We love diversity in our life through various other things to do.
That is of course different for everyone, because we are all unique and have different needs.
But when we get together with family or friends and the other have not the same interests as us and no one can acclimate for togetherness.
Then something comes among us what is of course impossible to do together as the same with acquaintances.
Fortunately, there are people among us who are quite varied and able to adapt themselves quickly.
Are everywhere interested in and easy to make friends due to their mindset and diversity in life.
Quick obsessed and impressed to discover new things and expand their range with new education.
Giving their life thereby more meaning by experiencing again a new meaningful experience.
They are for all open-minded and want to do this in their life for the excitement, relaxation and to get more life experiences.
In order to expand the diversity of our life to the fullest satisfaction.
For example, it is also important that the multiculturalism or ethnic diversity become stimulated to the multi-ethnic cultures united with each other.


I wish You a Good and Healthy Life

Kindly Regards
© author Jan Jansen

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Diversity in our Life

Diversity in our Life – author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @easyjanjansen @janjansenpoetry