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Dignity is Something that Can Not be Compromised


Dignity is a value that applicable to both individual and a collective of people on the Global. The value of connection between individual and social environment is highly respected in a positive way. Every Individual’s dignity can only be recognized from the experience by other who would judge and assess. But human dignity must be inviolable and everyone should respect that, this is a normal behavior towards others. Dignity must be well respected and protected, because when people are united, there should be no differences and we are all the same. Human dignity is not only a fundamental right but it constitutes the real basis rights to respect, and wealthy should not be valued higher than one’s life. And whereas many people tends to forget to recognize the dignity and equal rights from every human being. Those are an inalienable rights of all inhabitants of the earth to keep the freedom, justice and peace in the world. This word confirms a personal’s dignity within the part of legal system and it should not use to violate the name of others. And human dignity must be respected with the same rules. Nobody wants to lose their self-esteem and respect because of the attitude of somebody who like to belittle other and only praise for themselves. We cannot effect the dignity of other, for the fact that we were more luckier at birth and therefore have a better place in this society . We should just respect and appreciate everyone for their own value.


I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen Read More Poetry…….  #poem #poetry #poems #story #stories #quote #easybranches #janjansen


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