Detour to the Truth


The eternal verities is very important in our life.
To be openness for this, determines our character and direction in everyday life.
For many, it is sometimes difficult to speak out the truth.
The truth can not or dare to speak, because of losing face in their mind or whether it’s their deliberate behavior.
They forget that lies and deception are not tolerated or valued in social life.
Sometimes the truth is hard, but give more respect and appreciation in the long term.
People know what they have on us and can blind believe in our words what will bring confidence.
A detour to the truth will show in the future nothing, but only trouble and distrust.
We meet many different people and can tell the same to everyone without having to think about it.
Different then detour to the truth and tell lies, for that we must have a brain like a memory card into the computer where everything is stored right on time and date.
Accurately remember what kind falsehood we have told to several people, it will be a hopeless task and wearisome.
So liars are those who short-sighted thinking and get for sure problems about certain issues, because of their deceptive words.
The name says it all “Detour to the Truth” never forget that our life circle is round.
We beginning to lie and deceive at one point, then it will start the round and it goes around to the starting point.
But mostly before reaching that point the truth will prevail so we lose a relationship and more face loss than we can afford ourselves.
Friendships and acquaintances are a chain of people linked to each other that determine our reputation.
Contacts with friendly ties creating joy and prosperity in our existence on earth with happiness in life.

If we like a relaxed and peaceful life, be honest with ourselves and others so we can surpass together everything.


I wish you a healthy life
Kindly Regards
Author Jan Jansen

Dutch Version
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Detour to the Truth