Determination Earn us the Respect to Achieve for a Glorious Victory


A strong character and tenacity quality are the strengths that we need to achieve something in life.
If we have a very strong determination with the hunger for success, no interference can prevent us from moving forward to achieve our goals.
Today, there is almost nothing can be obtained for free, and if we really fight for it, we can be proud of ourselves afterwards when we able to achieve what has been conceived inside our mind.
It’s just not logical that everything can be going well from the start on the way we want it, we just have to always take into account how optimistic we also are, even we have planned everything well in advance, there will always be obstacles.
Every mistake can sit in a small corner, so why just we must confronted or come into contact with it.
We are not the black sheep in the family, even though sometimes it seems we are in it, because of suffering from the successive setbacks and walking against the wind.
Fortunately we are not quitters, but rather we have the hardy spirit to see every adversity as a lesson, we are so determined that we never deviate from our chosen path and continue to walk until reaching our destination.
That’s just the life path with obstacles where everyone has to deal with it, we are not the only ones though we often think so.
In all cases, we must never lose heart and pursue our goal steadfastly, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, so do not give up on the way to reach our ultimate endpoint.
The persons who managed to achieve their glorious victories deserve our due respect by their determination to combine sweat and tears to achieve their goal.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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